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When you purchase services from us you are receiving back up support at no extra charge.   After we deliver the services you require and stay available to teach you what it means and how to use it via telephone and email.  We just don't deliver and forget about you.   Unless you learn how to apply it, understand load calculations and air distribution,  you are wasting your time and money.  HVAC Consulting will stay with you and teach you how to use the information properly.  Job site visits are at extra charge.



I/We (clients) have read and reviewed this agreement concerning all TERM. CONDITIONS. WARRANTIES, AND DISCLAIMERS with HVAC Consulting.  I/We the clients have received a completed copy of this Consulting Agreement and agree to conduct business with HVAC Consulting .

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1.      Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation are not exact sciences.  The consumer's equipment performance is directly affected by others involved in the purchase, construction installation processes, including the end users life style, the operation of the equipment, equipment design, manufacturing processes, total system design, and installation.  I/We the client(s) understand that we are using HVAC Consulting for planning and budgeting only.  I/We the client(s) understand that HVAC Consulting and/or employees have not control over job site conditions, choices of others, and will not hold HVAC Consulting and/or employees liable for unsatisfactory system performance.

 2.      β€‹All information supplied including products, reports, and comments by HVAC Consulting, and employees are for use as planning and budget aids only.  Calculations and applications are made using information supplied by others involved in product marketing, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and wholesale/retail distribution industries.  The accuracy of information supplied by HVAC Consulting and employees is directly affected by the information supplied and/or not supplied by others.  I/We the client(s) will not hold HVAC Consulting and/or employees liable for errors made due to information supplied and /or not supplied by us or others.  

3.     All drawings, specifications, and load calculations are for planning and preparing for construction.  This includes house plans and floor plans.  Drawings are considered to be road maps.  As the construction process begins bumps and detours will develop as the the construction continues.   Job site decisions will determine the end result.  I/We the client(s) agree not to hold HVAC Consulting and/or the owners and employees liable for any claim pertaining to this agreement in excess of the fees and expenses paid to HVAC Consulting.  In no event shall the consultant(s) and consultant be liable to each other for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, even if client(s), consultant , and HVAC Consulting have been or not been advised of the possibility of such damages.           

4.     All products and information supplied by HVAC Consulting and/or employees written or otherwise, will remain the property of HVAC Consulting until full payment is received or other payment arrangements are made and agreed upon in writing in advance..  HVAC Consulting reserves the right to use only industry knowledge gained for future use on other projects if applicable.   ALL OTHER INFORMATION SHARED WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL BETWEEN HVAC CONSULTING, IT'S EMPLOYEES AND CLIENTS. 

5.     HVAC Consulting and/or it's employees do not imply, express, write and/or execute any product and/or performance warranties.  All product and performance warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturers, installing contractors, and subcontractors.  HVAC Consulting does not recommend any contractors and/or subcontractors. Final contract awards to perform work are the responsibility of the client(s). 


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